Buah Merah 500VE can be supplied from Japan to you in the world

公開日: 2015/10/13 Buah Merah 500VE English Sell

As of now, Buah Merah 500VE capsule products have not been available
in any other country except Japan.
We are willing to deliver Buah Merah 500VE on request of readers from any country.
It is said that you can purchase food supplements for your self consumption
without permission of authority.

It is declared that Buah Merah 500VE is HALAL.
Three (3) bottles of Buah Merah 500VE are ready to send you by EMS.
The price including EMS charge is USD 150.
Remittance cost is considered to be minimal.
Buah Merah 500VE is good for
fanatic smokers, patients with cancers, DM, post-menopausal oesteoporosis,
acne, boldness, malnutrition and other serious diseases,
and for enhance of your health, longevity.

Please contact, Dr. M. Nishigaki,
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