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Creating Innovation, 
Expanding Collaboration

High Tech Campus Eindhoven, September 27th, 2017

M&K Laboratories Inc. Exhibits Buah Merah 500VE

The Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia with an enormous market and an abundance of resources.
The country has enjoyed strong and stable growth over the past decade, with estimated GDP growth rates above 5% annually over the next 2 years.
It has also taken important steps toward further opening up its economy and R&D.

The government introduced incentives to encourage research institutions, university, and private firms to conduct R&D and innovative activities and to diffuse technology.
These incentives consist of both fiscal elements and technical support for R&D, including access to public laboratory equipment and instruments or personnel.

Now, the Ministry of Research, Technology & Higher Education brings indigenous innovations in food & agriculture, energy and healthcare to the world through the Indonesia Innovation Day 2017 exhibition at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.
Product Seminar and Exhibition
Promoting indigenous innovations from the Indonesian Center of Excellence
Business Matchmaking
Expanding collaborations among Indonesian and Dutch research institutions and industries.

Keiko Nishigaki
President of M&K Laboratories Inc.

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